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About Us

We are driven by trust, honesty, and respect towards all our stakeholders, together with commitment to the best possible user experience. We deliver convenience, security, and long-term value to our users. Our platform is intuitive, easy-to-use, and secure.

Why Construction Site Management Software?

  • Effective and easier Site Management – Systematic, documented, less risk
  • Information Management – Less paper work, easy to run multiple projects in parallel, approvals made it simple
  • Real time data - Access data anytime on mobile device securely
  • Better and Improved Communication – Effective team communication, call out risk or blockers on time
  • Budget Management – close watch on budget, review and approve expenses easily
  • Attendance Management - Monitor man power
  • Material Management – Easy way to manage materials requests

Features of myZili App

Our feature-rich application is designed to help you with your site management from start to finish of project.

Multiple profiles

Use the app as a Site Engineer who is incharge a site, or as a Manager who is managing multiple projects.

Simple onboarding

Quickly add the basic details of your work site to start managing your project. Easily add additional details and users later within the app.

Multiple sites

Users have the flexibility to use multiple sites and manage data seamlessly

Quick dashboards

Simple and quick dashboards to help you track and manage everything from progress, expenses, attendance, Issues, and material management for multiple sites

Attendance Management

The app allows you track labour attendance for multiple sites which helps to track progress and expense effectively

Expense Tracking

Use the app quickly track all your site related expenses with option to upload receipts and set approvals.

Material Management

Easily raise requests for Materials and efficiently manage them.

Payment options

Safe, secure, and reliable payment options through multiple payment modes such as UPI, bank transfer, debit cards, credit cards, and digital wallets.

User Roles

Site Supervisor

Daily task entry, expenses entry, attendance

Project Manager

Approve expenses, review attendance

Operations Manager

Review Operating expense and project schedule

Project Director

Review Project Schedule and Expenses

Contractor/ Subcontractor

Submit bills and track payments


Review project status, payments tracking

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